4 Ways to Repurpose an Old Laptop

Do you have an old laptop computer that is just collecting dust? If you are looking to give a new purpose to an old device, there are tons of ways to do so. You may be surprised with what you can accomplish, despite the age of the machine. Here are some of the best options.


Old laptops, especially those with few cores and low RAM, can struggle to even run Windows. This makes even the most basic tasks unbearable. If you’re looking to turn your device into a backup computer, you may have more luck with a lightweight OS, such as Chromium OS or a Linux distribution, such as Lubuntu and PIXEL. These operating systems are much less taxing on system resources and can provide smooth experiences even on low-end hardware. In terms of the availability of apps, Linux has many free open-source alternatives to popular Windows applications. If web browsing is your focus, you can hardly go wrong with Chromium, which provides a headache free browsing experience.


Most laptops eventually reach a stage where they can no longer function properly due to the damage done to the components during the device’s lifetime. However, there is a way to make use of laptops in any state. The screen, keyboard, trackpad and battery can all be bypassed by using the laptop as a stationary computer. With the right accessories, you can make a working desktop PC that can perform basic functions with ease. This PC can even be used as a home server or a network based storage device.


If you love playing games but don’t have a fancy gaming PC, you can utilize your old device for this purpose. Many old classics are still worth playing. There are fantastic games that will run on almost anything. You can relive games may have played in your childhood. Emulators can be used to add many more options for your game library. Old consoles such as the SNES or Gameboy Advanced have thousands of titles that can be emulated on even slower systems.


Sometimes, despite all of your efforts, it just isn’t possible to salvage an old device. The best course of action can often be to disassemble the device for any useful parts. The processor and motherboard will often be incompatible with anything else, so they aren’t likely to be useful. The DVD drive can be used in an external enclosure. The RAM can often be used in other laptops but won’t be useful if you have a desktop or a newer DDR4 motherboard. The hard drive will often be the most easiest to use. You can use a SATA hard drive in almost any modern system. There are also external USB mounts available, so you can use it as external storage for backing up documents or photos. If all else fails, you can at least sell the device to anyone who needs a broken device for parts.

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