Advantages of Linux

Linux has a variety of advantages that support the theory of Linux being the best operating system.

  • Let’s suppose you are buying a sound system. The exterior is all great and trendy but you can never check the quality of the circuit and wires that are the heart of the speakers. No matter how hard you look you can never check the whole thing. But when we come to the Linux it is a completely open source OS and all the files are easily accessible to the public. You can make the desired changes if you want to shape the best OS according to your requirements.
  • Privacy is a big issue whenever you are connected to the internet. You never know when a cyber attack could violate your privacy and most of the time you don’t even know. In order t avoid such scenarios, we buy expensive antivirus software to keep the system clean from malware. In Linux, you don’t need to worry about that as Linux is more secure in nature. Programmers have made the OS secure as anyone can make the changes. You are not 100% secure from the threats but in comparison with any other OS, Linux is the most secure OS.
  • Linux does not require all modern hardware to run. It never bounds you to the minimum requirement condition. So even if you have a Pentium 3 or D, you can easily install Linux OS and revive your old thing back to life.
  • Linux is far more reliable and secure for the programmers to successfully run their codes. Linux supports almost all the languages and most of the libraries can be found exclusively in Linux. Bash scripting is another reason why programmers always go for Linux.
  • Linux software updates are actually for the problems you are facing. Linux updates more frequently than windows but the majority of the update is to make the experience more pleasant and effective. In Windows, the update is released as a new feature and if bugs or issues are found then more updates are released to fix the issues in the previous updates. Imagine you have to update the OS again just to fix the issues from the previous updates.
  • Linux is completely and absolutely free and you don’t need to pay a single penny to run the Linux. Plus you can always customize the OS to the desired setting as open source code allows you to make the changing’s and you can set the perfect OS.
  • Linux offers a variety of distributions to choose from. So a variety of flavors are available if you are using the Some famous distributions are Mint, Ubuntu, Elementary, Zorin, and Manjaro.

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