Best Linux Distro for Beginners


Linux distribution is simply an installable operating system build from the Linux kernel and the supporting user programs in libraries are needed to assemble a complete system. Most of the Linux is not developed by a single organization, but by a collection of a large community of open source projects. Distribution provides an easy way for end users to install and manage a working Linux system. There are many Linux distributions with different goals because there are many different use cases and people want a different set of tools for different purposes.

Every distribution has two types of version, first is a server and the second one is a desktop version. For beginners, it is preferred to use the desktop version because it provides Graphical User Interface just like Windows and all software packages, whereas the server version only provide DOS prompt with no software packages. The desktop version is easy to install and easy to use.


If the new user is coming from Windows or MAC it is the ultimate option because the user interface is less confusing and similar to Windows with single icon mode and taskbar at the bottom. The installation process is very easy and the user can install software by only one click. Linux Mint Cinnamon uses gnome, which is a modern desktop environment. It builds on the solid base of Ubuntu which makes it fast.

  1. UBUNTU:

Ubuntu is a solid, easy to use distribution. Its Debian based and they do offer professional support. Debian based OS are free operating systems and provide all packages, precompiled softwares that are easy to install on your computer. Ubuntu uses the Unity desktop which is a beginner-friendly user interface.


Elementary OS has a Pantheon desktop. The display menu is simple and can be modified according to user liking. It also provides many upgradable software. It contains a variety of custom-built applications which are meant to look as close to MAC as possible, which generally means it is easy to use for most people that are new to the Linux. If any new user wanted a MAC but didn’t want to shell out the cash for it, then the elementary OS would be the pretty decent alternative.


It is arch based which means rolling distribution. It has a very easy installation procedure which makes it beginner friendly. It automatically installed upgrades of the software and keep the software up to date. The updates don’t compromise the performance of the machine as Manjaro guarantees stability. Only for the sake of stability, Manjaro delays package release to avoid regression.

  1. Zorin:

Zorin is powered by Ubuntu Linux and has the most adaptable desktop interface. Because of a customizable desktop, you will never miss your old OS while getting the perks of faster and smoother performance. Thanks to the Linux advance security protocols, Zorin OS always kept its door closed for malware and brute force attacks. Zorin aims at quick adaptation so you won’t need to spend too much of a time in learning the system.

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