What is Linux?

Introduction to Linus for Beginners:

Linux is an operating system similar to Windows or Mac OS. Basically, the operating system is a software layer that is between your hardware and software which you use to make something productive. Linux is a little different from windows because windows are relatively easy and are similar to driving an automatic. However, in the case of Linux, it takes some practice before you can start executing the commands like a pro. When Linux was invented in the early ’90s, people think it’s the version of UNIX but they both are the entirely separate operating system. Linux prefers to use LUI (Line User Interface) shell. The Shell is primarily the command interpreter. LUI (Line User Interface) is a much more sophisticated and powerful interface in comparison to the graphic user interface.


As Linux is an open source operating system which means that the programmer publicly provides the code so that everyone can see how the program was written. So distribution is the various versions of Linux that people have created from all over the world. With Linux, every distribution is build to do things in a certain way, so there is a version called Trustix Linux which is considered to be the most secure version of Linux because nobody can hack it or no virus can attack it.

Furthermore, every distribution has two types of versions, one is the server version and other is the desktop version. The main difference between the server and the desktop versions of any Linux operating system is that server version is stripped down version of Linux providing only the DOS prompt. So the user does not have the luxuries of the graphic user interface or other software to automate the whole process. Whereas the desktop version of any distribution gives graphical user interface same as Windows or MAC and all management tools are already installed. If someone wants to start learning Linux, he/she should start with the desktop version.

Root and Capitalization:

Root is basically one of the biggest concepts of Linux. Root is an administrator which is the highest level user, if someone logs in as a root user, he can do anything with that computer. As Linux was created for computer professionals so capitalization (upper case and lower case letters) in Linux is very important. Windows don’t care about the capitalization except for passwords but in Linux, every letter either uppercase or lowercase has its own ASCII value, making it more complex and providing more commands with each entry.

Why use Linux?

Being an open source and completely transparent operating system, Linux break the shackles of constraints like fairly good Ram, latest CPUs, and different supporting softwares. You are completely free to optimize the Linux to your liking. With minimum constraints, it runs faster and smoother as compared to windows. For example, Linux Lubuntu can run perfectly on mere 256mb ram. Minimum risks of virus and malware keep you secure and let you do the work carefree.

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